Humanation is an explosive mix of influences created by the combination of Reggae, Pop, Rock, Dub and Lofi..

Launched officially on April 1, 2019 by Thibault, Humanation was initially a solo project, later joined a few months later by Robin and Quentin. This year 2021 is marked by their common desire to enlarge the band with a keyboardist and a sound engineer.

Quentin Gouttard on bass, Robin Monnier on drums and percussions, then Thibault Brossard on vocals, guitar and lyrics, these are three friends who decided to get together to guide this project beyond all borders.

 Photo by Toxic Pics

2019 was a year during which Humanation was set up and created. But already :

  • The release of the 1st EP entitled ” Be Crazy “. An invitation to self-surpassing and to confidence. Le 29 Juin 2019
  • A first promotional tour for the EP “Be Crazy” in the South of France during the summer
  • A first radio appearance on Village FM in the show “Jamix on Air” on December 7th.
  • A full-page article in La Tribune Le Progrès du Rhône published on November 2nd.
  • A first official clip on the track Busker released on December 15th.
  • About twenty concerts performed in the first year following the release.
 Humanation with Kadebostany

On February 11th, 2020
, Humanation played at Le Fil in Saint Etienne in front of more than 1000 people as the opening act for Kadebostany (Castle in the Snow/50 shades of Grey soundtrack). The group was selected as the Loire Laureate for the 2020 edition of the Muzik’Casting springboard organized by the Crédit Agricole. Humanation was finally one of the 5 finalists among a list of more than 200 candidates from all over the Rhône Alpes Auvergne region.

Ambitious and determined, throughout the summer of 2020, and despite the health crisis, the group played nearly twenty concerts, going as far as Switzerland and passing through Italy. Counting more than 10,000 km with their own bus tour in two months.

In late 2020, the three members of the group decided to organize a participative financing to release their 1st album and launch their merchandising. (t-shirt, sweatshirt, caps, stickers). They then received 4000 euros, more than 1000 euros more than their initial objective.

This album will be the opportunity to make their audience discover new compositions!

Since January 2021, the group has been working on the creation of 13 original tracks, with, as a surprise, some tracks in French (their compositions are mostly in English). They plan to collaborate with other professional artists as well, and to include a brass section in their album.

Humanation in Switzerland (tour 2020)

They are thinking big and are determined to make themselves known on a national and European level. They are currently working to organize a promotional summer tour of their album in France and neighbouring countries. (Switzerland, Belgium, Germany, Luxembourg, northern Italy).

Active on social networks, you can follow their journey and be informed about the release of their first album!