Humanation represents the cultural diversity that makes humanity so beautiful. This mix of influences can be heard in their musical identity: REGGAE FUSION.
This musical style combines Latin, jazz, oriental, rock and reggae music.
What if that was their identity?
Music that makes us feel good, makes us dance, makes us vibrate and most importantly, makes us travel !
So come and discover their music and escape through the conga beats, the saxophone notes and many other colors that will connect you to the eternity of the present moment.

Their music seduced the jury of Muzik’Casting, which voted the group as a Laureate (Loire) of the music contest in 2019. This led the group to perform on the beautiful stage of the Fil in Saint Etienne as the opening act for Kadebostany. More recently, the band won the Roanne Young Talent Award in September 2021.

Humanation released a first EP in June 2019 called : BE CRAZY and a first album, on November 26, 2021, called OASIS.

Six musicians united around the same project and sharing the same ambition: sharing their music with as many people as possible, going as far as possible, moving forward and progressing along this unique path.


Thibault Brossard (Vocalist/Guitarist)
Robin Monnier (Drummer/Video Maker)
Quentin Gouttard (Bassist/Sound Engineer)
Antoine Merit (Saxophonist/Keyboardist)
Victor Hugo Villarroel (Percussionnist)
Rassim Kessassi (Keyboardist/Arranger)